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The United Law Firm LLC offers strong, compassionate legal representation from our Orlando and Deltona, Florida offices for clients facing divorce. When you work with our firm, we take the time to understand what matters to you and protect your best interests throughout this challenging time.

Advocate working in the best interests of the child

Child custody is of two types: physical and legal. Florida favors joint legal custody unless there is evidence that it would be detrimental to the child. Physical custody may be awarded to one parent with time sharing by the other, or it may be ordered evenly divided. Parents must agree to a written parenting plan covering time-share arrangements. Courts in Florida prefer shared custody and will generally honor agreements between parents about child custody but will intervene in the best interests of the child or when no agreement can be reached. We can help you show what is in your child’s best interests.

Child support may be ordered, even in cases where physical custody is split 50/50. We can examine your situation, as child support determinations take into account childcare responsibilities, expenses for education, and each spouse’s income and earning capacity, among other factors, and must include health insurance.

Staunch representation for spousal support

Florida courts may award one of four types of alimony:

  • Bridge-the-gap — short-term to help a spouse transition to being single
  • Rehabilitative — helps a spouse obtain skills, education and credentials to become self-supporting
  • Durational — lasts no longer than the length of the marriage for a spouse in need of financial assistance
  • Permanent — for longer marriages when there is a disparity in income or for shorter marriages if a spouse’s health prevents employment

Alimony terminates upon death or remarriage and may be modified. We can help you determine how alimony plays a role in your divorce.

Help for fair distribution of assets and debts

Under Florida’s equitable distribution law, money and property earned or acquired by either spouse during the marriage are considered marital property to be divided upon divorce. Property owned by either spouse prior to marriage remains separate property. Judges divide marital property fairly but not necessarily equally, taking into account contributions and sacrifices from each spouse, including raising children, household duties and career opportunity sacrifices.

Equitable distribution also applies to debts and considers the purpose of the expenses, which party incurred them and other factors. If a spouse fails to make payments on a shared debt, a court order can enforce payment.

In carrying out equitable distribution, a judge may order the sale of a shared marital home, with the assets split between the spouses, or grant one spouse ownership of the home in return for a payment to the other. We will aggressively represent you in seeking a truly fair distribution in these areas.

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