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To have a judgment modified there must be
an unanticipated and substantial change in circumstance.  

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Whether it is a child support order, child custody, or Final Judgment of divorce, when you experience change in circumstances, often times it can cause a hardship or make it impossible, or impractical to adhere to the original Order, Judgment, or Agreement.  As a result, it is often necessary to modify your divorce decree, time-sharing, or child support order.  

In order for a divorce, child support or child custody decree to be modified, the courts require that a substantial change in circumstances, such as a change in employment or a move, have taken place.

Modifying a divorce or child support order can be confusing and the allegations must be properly pled before the judge can rule on the issue. Let us help you gather and present the evidence needed for you modification.  Call The United Law Firm LLC to help you with your modification.

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