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Talking Things Over

We can talk with both sides prior to any petition being

filed if both sides are communicating with one another. 

The benefit can be enormous.  Cost and expenses are

very little as opposed to filing an actual Petition,

and getting us involved at this early juncture can

facilitate compromise and negotiations.

Another option that is available is that the parties may

hire their respective attorneys and both sides agree and

sign an agreement to participate in informal negotiations

without litigation, this is commonly referred to as  collaborative


Once the case is filed you also have the option of mediation. 

Mediation is a process whereby a neutral third person help

the parties come to a mutually acceptable agreement. 

Agreement at mediation keeps down your overall legal

fees and ensures that you have more control over your

own future.

Why should you consider mediation for your divorce?

  • It can be less costly than a traditional divorce.
  • Trial can be very expensive and time consuming.
  • Agreement at mediation do not have to proceed to trial.
  • You can avoid court and have more control over the outcome of your divorce.
  • It can be a lot faster than traditional divorce.
  • It can be easier on your children because both parties are willing to compromise and come to agreement.
  • It can increase the likelihood of you getting along with the spouse you are divorcing after you are divorced.

Sometimes the Court may order a Parent Coordination when a party request, or on its own.  The Parent Coordinator will usually talk to both parents without the involvement of the attorneys, and the Parent Coordinator is also able to deal and address issue dealing with high conflict parent and mental health issues related to the family law case. 

Mediation is a process whereby a neutral third person
help the parties come to a mutually acceptable agreement.

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