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Keeping your divorce, paternity case, parental responsibility
​(child custody) case, and/or time-sharing (child visitation) case out of court ultimately keeps down your overall legal fees and ensures that you have more control over your own future.  

Whether you are involved in a divorce or a paternity case, or whether your case will involve a complex property division or there are no assets involved, we can work with both sides to come up with a fair settlement agreement and file this with the court on your behalf.  

When we talk, we will go over Alimony, Child Custody, Visitation, Timesharing, Child Support, Relocation, Prenuptial Agreements, Property Division, Marital Asset or Liability, Non Marital Asset and Liability, Business Valuation, and other family law matters.  Yes, we have got you covered.  Let The United Law Firm LLC help you with your Marital Settlement Agreement.

Marital Settlement Agreements

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